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How To Do An Excellent Biology Undergraduate Dissertation In A Week

Writing can be daunting and difficult if not planned. Lack of a plan on how to do a dissertation can see you missing the deadline. In contrast, planning first can help complete the work with the shortest time possible. Most students think it is impossible to finish the dissertation within a week because they are required to collect data and analyze it in addition to accomplishing other tasks.

Although data collection and analysis are the most demanding tasks when writing the paper, most of other sections can be done within two days. This leaves you with five days within which to finish the two. Here's how to complete it in a week:

  • Plan:
  • Even if it is spending a whole day planning for writing the paper, do it. Sit around or lie down thinking how you can complete the paper, what available resources you will need and where to get assistance.

    Spending adequate time in the planning process is the best way of avoiding time wastage once writing has started. Make sure to figure out how to deal with things that stand your way - whether it is how to get research materials or just how to make the writing environment friendly. You can also read some tips on how to accomplish the task faster.

  • Write an outline:
  • Writing an outline lets you see all the things you need to accomplish the task. One is less likely to leave out some sections if an outline has been generated. Having an outline is also the best way of staying organized. Remember that being organized is an important aspect with such a tight deadline.

    Other ways of staying organized from the start include selecting a topic, writing the research question, and stating the objective/hypothesis before writing the literature. These things will help a lot towards staying focused. Don't be tempted to run into writing without having a clear mind about these things as you might find out later that the work is hard to complete - which is a factor of time wasting. Having a dissertation topic that is specific on one research issue is important. For those without a clue, it is possible to even look out for research topic suggestions from the internet.

  • Group tasks/sections as demanding and less demanding:
  • Although we said above that data collection and analysis are two sections feared by many students, it also depends on one's strength and weaknesses. A lot more students struggle with literature review writing. Make sure to list all the sections and tasks you consider difficult.

  • Apportioning adequate time for each:
  • Once the most demanding tasks and the simpler ones are identified according to your weaknesses and strengths, it is easy to see which ones require more time than others. It is obvious that more demanding ones will need more time. As a rule of thumb, ensure to figure out exactly when to accomplish what specific tasks and how. With a tight deadline of one week, it is necessary to outline which specific date/day of the week to accomplish a specific task.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.