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10 Great Music Industry Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Picking a certain genre of music to write about

To help you think of good ideas when it comes to writing a music industry-based dissertation, it can be a good idea to think of a genre to specialise in. Whether you wish to talk about the production side of the music industry, or the performance side, different genres represent different challenges and requirements; therefore, picking a certain genres can help to inspire unique ideas.

You may wish to write about the challenges of recording music from a certain genre, or the way in which new genres adopt technology in ways in which previous traditional genres haven’t.

Writing your paper on a specific area of the music industry

Just as it can be beneficial to pick a genre, you may also wish to take specific area of the music industry to focus on. For example, you can look at a particular job role within the music industry, such as producer. You can then go into great detail about what is required from this role, as well as the history of this area of the profession, and many other factors.

Basing your paper on personal experience

To make it easier to write the work, it can be good idea to base the topic on an area of the music industry that you have personal experience of. The more that you are familiar with the subject, the easier it will be to write about.

Alternatively, you may wish to try and get a volunteer role in the music industry in order to help with the writing process, once you’ve learnt more about what is required of individuals in the industry.

Music industry topic ideas covering a wide range of themes

  1. The effects of piracy on the music industry
  2. The pros and cons of legal music sharing sites for up and coming artists
  3. How to get signed with a major record label
  4. The role of a music producer
  5. The influence of music talent shows on the music industry
  6. A study of how important talent is to be successful in the music industry
  7. The declining need to be able to play a musical instrument to have success in the music industry
  8. Breaking into the US market as a foreign artist
  9. The lack of foreign language music in English-speaking countries
  10. A study into copyright law in the music industry

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.