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To take some of the stress off just follow these steps to create a great dissertation

A List Of Great Dissertation Topics In Investment Banking

An investment bank or a merchant banks is a “company that originates, underwrites, and distributes new security issues of government agencies and corporations”. Now that you have had extensive training in the subject, it is time to add to the collection. You are gaining your title as a scholar by successfully completing this task. Your dissertation is designed not only to gauge your understanding of the topic, it is also designed to allow you to research the topic on your own to gain additional knowledge.

One of the hardest parts of this assignment is choosing a good topic to write about. You have to get your topic approved by the board. They want to make sure that you will be able to find enough information on the topic to write your paper. You should choose a topic that interests you and also choose one that is relevant. Here is a list of some topics for you to get started with.


  • What are the long-term effects of the Swiss National Bank’s attempt to weaken its currency in 2011?
  • What are the possible effects of dismembering JPMorgan Chase?
  • How could small banks beat out the larger global banks?
  • What new regulations hurt the larger banks?
  • How is a financial institution negatively impacted when an accounting error is discovered?
  • What can the European Union do to safeguard their banks?
  • Why would the pay at investment banks fall?
  • What are the effects of corporate governance in Italy?
  • What are the effects of the Volcker rule?
  • What are the effects of the Royal Bank of Scotland starving small businesses?

Next Steps

There are a few things that you will want to do once you have found your title to ensure that you can really use it. The first thing that you will want to do is create the statement part of your thesis. What question will your paper answer? Then you can develop an outline which will help you keep your ideas organized and make sure that you are sticking to proving the thesis. Any sentence or idea that is not used to directly prove a point is wasted and should not be completed. Keep this in mind when you are writing. It will actually take away from the main idea instead of work to prove it. You are working against yourself when adding information that may be interesting but doesn’t work to prove the thesis.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.