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12 Interesting Master's Dissertation Topics In Business Management

Your dissertation is the largest and most complex paper that you have written to date. It is very likely that you haven’t written a paper of this caliber thus far and likely will not write one in the future of this caliber either. One of the most important parts of writing this paper is choosing an effective topic.

Your paper will work to add knowledge to the overall field of study. It will work towards making a huge impact on your field. You will have to submit a proposal to the board to get your topic approved before you will be able to move on. Your topic has to be original because you can’t write about a topic that has already been discussed. Your topic has to be relevant because one of the main purposes of writing this paper is to prove your understanding of the subject.

Here are twelve interesting topics in business management that are likely to get you approved and on your way to phase two:

  1. Effects of using managed print services to reduce operational costs
  2. Changes in the enterprise computer environment
  3. Technological advances that affect customer engagement management
  4. Advances in advertising: analysis of social media
  5. Sustainability success: going green
  6. Executive confidence level: analysis on delivering on time and on target
  7. Use of Six Sigma: increasing operating efficiency
  8. Deploying desktop virtualization: competing with foreign job markets
  9. Architecture-driven modernization: accelerating enterprise transformation
  10. Implications of artificial intelligence in business processes
  11. Going green: cutting office expenses in big businesses
  12. Building cooperation with staff

You can apply the general terms to a specific industry, location, or business to narrow down your topic enough to get it approved. The topics are meant to be more general so that your idea is unique since many other students will likely look at the same resource for assistance like you did. The likelihood of them also choosing the same company to represent is very unlikely.

You will want to create an outline to help you organize your thoughts so that you can present them in a logical manner. You can also read through a sample paper so that you have an idea of what the paper should sound like and you can also follow the formatting to set your paper up correctly and then you can just work on one section at a time.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.