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Writing A Dedication For A Dissertation – Tips And Examples

Completing your dissertation can be one of the happiest moments of your life, especially if it has been a long and grueling process - but, of course, the job is not entirely over till you also dedicate your work to somebody special. As is the case with published books, there is a long-standing tradition of dedicating dissertations to the special people in the writer’s life. Here are some tips to get you started.

Who do you pick?

Pick somebody who means something to you, could be a friend, family, teacher or spouse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody who has contributed to your work but simply somebody or a few people whose names you would like to see published with your own.

Should you name them?

This is up to you entirely. A dedication is always a personal note, although a lot of readers like reading a dedication, it is not necessarily something that needs to be obvious to the reader or revealing. If you want to keep it private, you could just use nicknames or not even use a name - “To the man who makes me breakfast in bed on Sundays” works just as well. They know who they are.

How to address the dedication

There are several formats that writers have used throughout the years; you can use any format that suits your dedication. “For…”, “To…” are the most common but you could also go for something longer like “I dedicate my work to…”.

Reason for dedication

This again is up to personal preference. You could give readers a reason for dedicating your work to the special person or you could leave it up to their imagination. Some writers, who like to be private, don’t even mention the relationship or gender; it could even look something like this - “For Anne”.

Length of the dedication

This again depends entirely on how much you wish to reveal about yourself and whether you want readers to pay attention to your dedication. Some people like to keep it short and simple like the example above, some, on the other hand, like to dedicate an entire page to a person or a group of people and don’t mind sharing all the reasons why they are special to the writer.

Remember that it is one of the biggest compliments for someone to have a piece of work dedicated to them.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.