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A List Of Impressive Dissertation Titles About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a disorder that causes people to have problems when reading. The interesting thing about this disorder is that people who suffer from it remain a normal intelligence. Dyslexia is a good topic for a dissertation. However, for your paper to be unique and meaningful, it’s necessary to narrow this topic. Here is a list of dyslexia topics that might inspire you to come up with your own original idea.

  1. Visual problems caused by dyslexia.
  2. Investigate in your paper what exact visual problems are caused by dyslexia and what a person should do to deal with them.

  3. Dyslexia and mobile phones.
  4. It’s difficult for dyslexics to use many electronic devices, including mobile phones. Do your investigation and present the methods that might help people with this matter.

  5. Treatment of dyslexia with fish oils.
  6. Some specialists claim that fish oils might be useful when treating dyslexia. Do your research and present your arguments for or against this statement.

  7. Assistive technology for dyslexics.
  8. Modern technology helps many people with various disorders. Explore what technologies might help dyslexics to deal with their problems and what technologies might be developed in the future.

  9. Dyslexia and learning difficulties.
  10. List the learning difficulties that students with dyslexia face during their studying. Present ways that should make their experience easier.

  11. Does dyslexia exist?
  12. Some specialists claim that dyslexia doesn’t exist in reality, and the problems with reading are caused by other factors. Do your research and discover whether this statement might be true.

  13. The benefits of dyslexia.
  14. Dyslexia isn’t an absolutely negative thing. Many dyslexics are good at making holistic connections, for example. Research this topic thoroughly and present other benefits of this disorder.

  15. Dyslexics and color overlays for glasses.
  16. There are cases that prove that using overlays of particular colors might help dyslexics with reading. Explore the exact benefits of this method and explain how this works.

  17. Private schools for dyslexics.
  18. Investigate what is needed to organize a special school for dyslexics and write about the existing schools.

  19. The emotional issues caused by dyslexia.
  20. Having dyslexia might cause various emotional disorders. Do your research and write in your paper how to deal with such problems.

You may use one of these topics to write a dissertation on dyslexia or narrow some topic to make your research even more specialized. This will impress your professor and committee, so if you prepare for your defense properly, you’ll get a high score for your work.

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