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To take some of the stress off just follow these steps to create a great dissertation

A List Of Successful Nursing Dissertation Proposal Topics

A dissertation is a specific type of essay that is based on a topic chosen by the student who researches the topic and finds precise knowledge about the topic. Every dissertation paper must incorporate specific aims and objectives of the research conducted by the student. This discourse states that the student formally communicates his/her research and knowledge to the supervisor or reader. The topic is the core component of a nursing dissertation proposal. So, things should start with the choice of a topic since it will lead the student to the detailed study.

Knowing the types of nursing:

Prior to the selection process, it is essential that every student knows the types of nursing because any topic that could be chosen will belong to any specific type of nursing. If you are doing a nursing dissertation proposal, it will be easy for you to choose a topic from the area of nursing you are practicing.

  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing

After knowing the types of various nursing studies, you should obtain information about which topics to choose. To help you make the choice, following is the list of some nursing dissertation topics:

  • Providing care for community service and elderly outpatients.
  • How much impact a particular type of family therapy usually has on an adult individual who has an eating disorder?
  • Do poor housing conditions have anything to do with the mental health issues?
  • What are the effective techniques to use when treating difficult patients with specific type of mental health issues?
  • Is it helpful or just a mere waste of time and energy to listen carefully what a schizophrenic patient tells about his/her delusions?
  • Can you educate people to help them understand food labels so that they can stay away from being obese or unhealthy?
  • Can an amicable relationship between a patient and a nurse really help the patient recover quickly and effectively?
  • Does gardening therapy have the power to decrease elderly people’s stress?
  • What sort of psychological problems or disorders do spouses with Alzheimer’s disease experience?
  • Can laughter therapy help reduce depression significantly?
  • What can music therapy do to impact a patient’s depression?
  • Can art therapy essentially help decrease aggression in patients who have any type of mania?
  • Is it true that men and women with seizures suffer from low self esteem and social problems?
  • How much do teenage boys know about and how do they react to the use of tobacco?

In fine, you can spend some time to research more topics, but they must be of interests to you.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.