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How to Write a Good Postgraduate Thesis Proposal: Recommendations for Students

Before you can begin your dissertation or thesis, your specific topic must be approved by a committee and by your student advisor. It is important that you construct it properly. It will probably be APA or be MLA style. No matter the style there will be certain things you have to include in order to get permission to proceed with your selected topic. Typically this proposal is never over 40 pages long in length. Make sure you have:

  • The question that you will answer or explore must be included in this piece
  • Any new terms or jargons that will be in the piece must be defined
  • It will have a title page that is formatted according to the style, APA or MLA
  • The methodology-the means of answering your question will be discussed
  • Data and support-you have tot ell what experts, data, and support you will use in the paper
  • Graphs or charts to be used will be included
  • A summary (or an abstract) must be given
  • For some topics, there will be a hypothesis

It is suggested that if you struggle with writing that you seek additional help. You can find such help with a:

  • Tutor-a tutor can be pricey, but the care and personal attention is certainly worth the cost. The tutor can help you to set up a proper postgraduate proposal.
  • Your Advisor-visit your advisor often. He or she can give you a lot of direction as you work on this most important document. Consider your advisor as thee expert.
  • Writing Company-the company can work with you from beginning to end on this process. This is something that they are very good at as they do it daily. It is recommended that you form a bond with a writing company at the beginning of your college career if you know that writing is not your forte.
  • The Campus Writing Lab- use the campus-writing lab. They will be able to help you with construction, editing, and proofing of this important document. They are usually open 24/7 and manned for help. Always take advantage of the services offered at the local writing lab.

Once your proposal is approved, you can begin the thesis. You want this to be a positive process, as this paper will be the most important piece of work in your college career. Use this guide, as you get ready for this very important step.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.