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Writing An Excellent Thesis Paper On The 3G Technology: Things To Consider

Being a result of research and development in communication technologies, third generation wireless communication technology (3G) has its promises and difficulties. 3G was presented to the world as an advanced digital cellular network technology and a development from 2G. 2G marked a debut of digital cellular network, which has led to provision of better quality cellular services, greater capacity and functionality of cellular network.


Issues of deployment of the 3G technology in various countries touch on licensing, optimum method of allocating licenses, auctioning and pricing. These are some of the issues to consider for a thesis paper, especially for those pursuing Information Technology courses in colleges and universities. One can consider choosing these as items around which to develop main arguments when developing paper on 3G technologies.


Such an argument can dwell on controversies surrounding the above matters (licensing, etc). For instance, a research on pricing can dwell on why it is important to leave pricing to market forces. While proponents of auctioning say that pricing should be left to market forces since frequency is a scarce resource, those opposed to auctioning argue that the high auction prices incurred by their methods will be passed to consumers. The issue of auctioning and pricing is also influenced by political forces, which can also be reflected in a thesis paper.

Success of 3G Network

Another current issue to discuss for a thesis paper would be successes of 3G network. Success of 3G technologies will focus on how various challenges such as those related to deployment have been overcome. A thesis paper can also seek to explore case studies in 3G deployment and auctioning. In this case, a student might want to consider a cellular network company that has successfully deployed 3G, or a specific country that has successfully launched the technology. Regulation of network technologies remains an issue of great concern in many countries. Migration from previous cellular network technologies into 3G can also be discussed. This includes development of migration regulation policies, criteria of licensing and bidding. An information technology student can write a thesis paper touching on issues such as beauty contest where regulators award a fixed number of licenses to operators if they best meet a given criteria.

A write up on competition among companies that deploy technologies that relate to use of 3G network would also make a good thesis paper. Students can also narrow down their discussions about modern developments or innovations that can make the networks and their deployment cheaper.

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.