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How to Come Up with Interesting Nursing Dissertation Ideas?

Nursing is an extremely important medical field, though the work of nurses is often underestimated. If you decide to take up this profession, you will face many challenges. Writing a dissertation is one of them.

It may be difficult to think of an interesting topic for such an important paper. In case you feel at a loss, consider the following suggestions:

  1. The role of nurses in the emotional rehabilitation of abuse victims.
  2. Nurses form a special kind of bond with their patients. How can this relationship help abuse victims solve their trust issues? How can a nurse develop a trusting relationship with someone who isn’t inclined to accept it?

  3. Critical patients care treatment: Quick response strategies.
  4. What steps must a nurse take in an emergency situation? How do the actions of the first response nurse affect the patient’s chances of survival?

  5. The role of nurses in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Can nurses somehow help promote healthy lifestyle for the purpose of disease prevention? Offer your ideas.

  7. Implementing modern technology into the field of nursing.
  8. How can gadgets help make nurses’ work more efficient? Be sure to consider the investment required to update the medical facilities’ equipment.

  9. How to build a career in nursing.
  10. Analyze what professional opportunities a nurse has. Explain how to achieve different kinds of career goals when you start with a diploma in nursing. Calculate the costs of future studies, and determine how long it will take an average person to move onto the next step in his or her professional development.

  11. The health risks of being a nurse.
  12. This profession is dangerous, so list the risks that the nurses expose themselves to. What measures are taken to prevent accidents? Offer your suggestions for more efficient methods of risk management for nurses.

  13. Why are there never enough nurses?
  14. This profession is the one where the shortage of willing manpower is permanent. Why does this happen? What kinds of incentives from the government can help increase the number of nurses?

  15. The role of nurses throughout history.
  16. Choose a certain point in the past and trace the evolution of nurses as medical specialists from that period until today.

  17. Nursing ethics analysis.
  18. List the ethical principles the nurses must abide by. Are they truly ethical? Can you offer any improvements?

  19. Nursing practices in different countries.
  20. Compare the roles and methods of nursing in different countries around the world. Why are some of them vastly different?

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Key Notes

Key notes to remember when crafting your PhD paper is to always be aware of who your audience is and the direction you are trying to go with it. A lot of people make mistakes by randomly writing and not giving much thought beforehand.